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A bunch of assholes that feel socialy superior because they are from Plano. The truth of the matter is that they are white trash with money. These students have emotional problems, mental disorders, hygene issues, lack of etiquette and a drug abuse problem. The police officers that patrol the property are a bunch of redneck police academy flunkeys. Cars get broken into all the time, and kids smoke marijuana infront of them.
The teachers in the school have obtained demencia as a result of not getting out in the real world. There world is school and home. As a result of this they are also out of touch with reality.
I was siting on the bench enjoying the weather when some plano fuck came up to me and asked if he could film me. I politely said no thank you and he called me an asshole. So for that reason I say that they are pieces of shit.
by Qadafi al Tikriti September 17, 2004

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