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Is the Deputy Prime Minister of the UK.

He has failied in everything he has tried to do.

He has several infamous nick-names...

"Two Jags" because he was known to own 2 whole Jaguars!
"Two Jabs" because he punched some wise guy who chucked and egg at him.
And most recently "Two Shags" because he had an affair with one of his secretarys in his own office over his very own desk!

JP really hasn't done any favours for British politics, still Tony Bliar won't sack him, although he has basically removed all the power he had.
"I think John Prescott is a fucking wanker!"
"I think John Prescott is the best fucking thing since sliced bread!"
by QPWOEIRUTY May 21, 2006
a strange person, usually short in stature. Usually a happy person, but will not hesitate to punch you in the balls repeatedly. Has a strong moral background that very rarely shows itself
dude, check out that guy out! He's totally destroying that dudes nuts!
yeah, but did you see him give that old lady flowers? pretty crazy mikeal if you ask me
by qpwoeiruty February 12, 2012
The British equivelant to the American term, Gin Gout, which basically means Garbage In/Garbage Out or Shit In/Shit Out.

This terminology would be typically used by refuse collectors, or bin men.
Lets get this Shin Shout and bugger off home.
by QPWOEIRUTY January 11, 2006
The "Rock" equivalent of Dance music's "Happy Hardcore".
Power Metal when sped up, sounds exsactly like Happy Hardcore dance music.
by QPWOEIRUTY September 26, 2006

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