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2 definitions by QPNC-PAGE

1. The molecule being painstakingly sequenced during the Human Genome Project. This molecule contains all the instructions necessary to program an entire human being, starting from a single cell.

2. The abbreviation for "deoxyribonucleic acid," or "deoxyribose nucleic acid", the deabbreviations of which are misspelt by pretty much anyone who isn't a scientist, a science teacher, or a nerdy student obsessed with science (I'm in the latter category).

3. "Data Not Available" - This is used to duck questions in a "funny" way, especially by the people who don't pay attention in class, but want to sound smart(er than they really are?).
Science Teacher: What is DNA?

Student: ...
Student: Data Not Available.
Science Teacher: You have to pay attention in class, then.
Later that day...
Mother: How do you spell the de-abbreviation of "DNA"?
Student: dioxiribonuicliec acid
Mother: And you are thinking of majoring in molecular biology in college?
Student: What's with the frequent mentioning of the word "DNA" all of a sudden?
by QPNC-PAGE April 24, 2010
Cambridge is a place in Massachusetts, and a home to probably the largest concentration of biology-related laboratories in any one place...
biology nerd: I'm going to visit Cambridge tomorrow.

normal person: But you will get lost in the maze of laboratories!

biology nerd: Exactly.

normal person: ...
by QPNC-PAGE July 15, 2011