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Young women’s tendency to become involved in troubled relationships with the wrong men…over and over again.
"Jane must be suffering from prince harming syndrome. Her new boyfriend seemed sexy at first, but last night he was selfish, mean and disrespectful. He'll probably turn out to be slime...just like her last boyfriend."
by QNY August 25, 2009
That hot, fun, smart and successful man who is delicious at the get-go. But upon a closer look, this man is superficial, selfish, immature and slimey—he is sometimes referred to as a frog. Prince Harmings weigh down independent, young women and create harmful relationships.
Kelly: "I can't believe Bobby lied to me again!"
Stephanie: "Kelly, don't act so surprised. Bobby's hurt you before. He is such a Prince Harming!"

"Chris Brown done beat Rhianna again, he sure is a Prince Harming!"
by QNY August 25, 2009

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