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large female breasts
would you look at the stare bait on that broad, Damn.
by Q bay bay May 04, 2008
A Scottish slang for your armpits/underarms.

critters also like to nest in your oksters.
" yo your oksters smell like wipe hole man, use some god damn deoderant "

" Dont tickle my oksters, ill pee my pants "
by Q bay bay April 23, 2008
having sex or intercourse.

Laying the pipe.

last night i gave the old lady a nice friendly stabbing
by Q bay bay May 04, 2008
The crevice in a woman's anus just preceeding the large intestine. When she engages in anal intercourse, an accumulating loaf will retreat to the poo cave so that it is not destroyed by the erect penis.
Cindy clenched her ass cheeks tight just prior to anal sex, bringing the loaf into the poo cave, saving the male from shit dick
by Q bay bay February 06, 2011

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