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A more ballin way to say the word Playstation 3, word PS triple was created by the famous and most ballin person ever, Chadwarden.
Chadwarden: Chad Daddy wants you to understand that the most ballin system is da Ps Triple aight?It's got all the gaymes.
PwnDaddy123: That was the most ballin quote ever.
by PwnDaddy123 June 22, 2007
Balled is short for the word ballin. The word getting balled is similar to getting owned. An Pwner Pwns, a Baller Balls. The word has been used a lot of times but recently it has been given a rebirth, some wonder who started this new definition to the word balled, some say it is chico and joey, other people think they stoled it off from other people but that's just for the jealous guys. Balled has been used a lot of times lately when noobs get pwned. And is sometimes used in the ghetto.
Ace:Ah, man I lost again.
PwnDaddy123: Bra, there is two types of people in this world, those who Ball, or those who get Balled.
Rtpstrike: Guy, you just got balled!
by PwnDaddy123 September 11, 2007

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