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1 definition by PussyCatSaysMeow

Originated from the original motion picture Black Swan

(adj.) to look at someone in a suspiciously, sexually curious manner; paranoid.

(v.) to black swan one's self is to masturbate with your mother in the room; to fanatically fantasize sexually and paranoia based about someone of the same sex; to cup a women's vagina.

n.) someone or something that is paranoid, evil, dark, weird, mental disorder, and/or erotic; a woman who has lesbian tendencies; one who looks like they'll stab you or themselves with a mirror shard and put your remains in the bathroom
(adj.) "You look really black swan right now, could you please stop looking at me like that?"

(v.) "He totally black swanned my vag last night."

(n.) "Did you see that picture of Kristen Stewart? She totally looks like a black swan."
by PussyCatSaysMeow January 19, 2011