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When a situationget so bad,so undescribable, and so fucked up all that's left to say is "Hell Fuck". (Usually used with an exclamation point !).
Shut the hell fuck up you fatass wigger bitch!
by purplepeopleeater August 18, 2007
Although usually a guy's name, it can be a girl's name too. Robinson is a tall & pretty girl who changes the lives of everyone she knows. Everyone loves Robinson, and those who don't are insane! She can be active, but she's also talented in other ways, like making jewlery and giving good advice to her friends. She always has a good story to tell. She completely trustworthy, hilarious, and downright awesome.
Robinson spends almost all her time trying to make peopke laugh.
by PurplePeopleEater August 26, 2012
When a female goes without washing her crotch for a period of time and a white, smelly substance begins to form between the folds of her cooter. This substance, after extremely long periods of time, begins to attract gnats to said area.
The class hos had extremely bad gnat bread and everyone started to avoid them.
by purplepeopleeater August 18, 2007
Some high schoolers use "strawberry" as another word for someone on their period. So if you want to fit in, run right up to the seniors and say
"dude that girl is so strawberry right now"
by Purplepeopleeater August 16, 2014

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