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Bulimia nervosa isn't just throwing up. Bulimia is binging and purging.

Binging - eating lots of food quickly in a short period of time

Purging - vomiting, laxative abuse, excessive exercise, or fasting

Bulimics don't binge and purge because they think they're fat or because of the media. They do it to gain a sense of control, to calm themselves. Bulimics rarely lose weight, their weight is usually up & down. 10% of bulimics will die from heart attack, malnutrition, or suicide
Eating disorders are coping mechanisms, not about vanity
I've had bulimia since I was 12. A typical binge for me is a pint of ice cream and a full box of macaroni & cheese. All eaten in a half hour, and it usually ends up regurgitated in to a trash bag. I don't do this because I want to be thin, I do it because it helps me cope w/ stress
by PurpleGerbil November 21, 2010

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