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A store that sells a few good things, and a lot of crappy things. I'll go there to buy a bracelet or a pair of shoes, maybe a band shirt. I don't think that wearing Hot Topic clothes makes you different, because, as your first grade teacher probably told you, your clothes don't make you "different". I also don't understand why some people think that wearing Hot Topic pants makes them better than everyone else.
Hot Topic kid: z0mg you suck!

Me: erm...why?

Hot Topic kid: because, your pants are from American Eagle, they're so normal and conformist!

Me: So?

Hot Topic kid: MY pants are from Hot Topic. That means I'm better 'cause I'm an individual!

Me: 0_o
by Purple Zebra May 29, 2007
A brand you can wear if you want to look like a walking billboard. Seriously. Every single thing sold in that store either says "abercrombie" on it, or has a moose.

I would understand why a person would have a few things from Abercrombie, but what I don't get is people who wear only abercrombie all the time. Every piece of clothing is really just a slight variation of the same basic design. So, for example, if you bought 5 different skirts from Abercrombie, you really just bought the same designed skirt 5 times.

Some of these people who wear only abercrombie somehow think that we non-abercrombie wearers are jealous because we can't afford it. I, in fact, can afford it, because I have a job. I simply choose not to go there, as I enjoy my individuality.
Abercrombie girl: Let’s go to Abercrombie!

Me: Eww…no.

Abercrombie girl: Pshh…you’re just jealous ‘cause you can’t afford it

Me: No, I just don’t like the store.

Abercrombie girl: EVERYONE likes Abercrombie. It’s like wired into the human brain!

Me: 0__o
by Purple Zebra June 02, 2007
A song from the Radiohead album Kid A. You either love it or hate it. I love it.
Today I listened to Idioteque for the 94235786345th time.
by Purple Zebra June 17, 2007
An annoying song by Fergie.
And it's not like her first three singles (London Bridge, Fergalicious, Glamorous), which were MEANT to be annoying and stay in your head all day. This song is actually pretty mellow and kinda country-sounding, and yet it still somehow has the ability to be stuck in your head all day.
I heard "Big Girls Don't Cry" on the radio and it made me want to commit suicide.
by Purple Zebra June 02, 2007

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