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Old Money Richmond; ONLY refers to Richmond, Va. Nowhere else
He lives over in O.M.R.
by Purple Teamers September 19, 2003
John Kyle Rouse; husband of Lara Rouse; a person who loves landing strips
It's a good thing he's J.K.R., otherwise he may not like that landing strip you got goin' there, Lara!
by Purple Teamers September 19, 2003
Anal Retentive Monkey
Well, well, Jeeves. It would appear that Cullen won't be able to attend Little Jeb's 23rd Birthday party. He's being quite the A.R.M. Cancel his membership to the O.M.R. Junior Yachtery Club for Richers.
by Purple Teamers September 19, 2003
A secret group/cadre of of young males (castrated) residing in O.M.R. Purple is meant (by them) to be a sign of royalty. However, it actually is in reference to their overtly homosexual tendencies.
Oh, that gay kid named Harrison is a member of the Purple Team!
by Purple Teamers September 19, 2003

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