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(As in "Before Christ") Term occasionally used in Southern California as a synonym for "old school."
"Dat shit's so old-school it's B.C.!"
by Purple Donkey September 03, 2009
Occasionally used as slang for "absurd" or "nonsensical".
"So the rabbit went into the dishwasher."
"What are you saying, man? You're really opaque - get some sleep!"
by Purple Donkey September 03, 2009
1. A non-drug-using hippie
2. Hippie that takes showers or baths regularly.
1. "Dalia's all into peace and love, but she doesn't touch weed. She's a real clean hippie."
2. "My buddy Greg showers every day in between peace protests. He's such a clean hippie!"
by Purple Donkey October 09, 2009
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