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A awesome guy that will do anything for the girl that he cares about with all his heart. He will often go for a girl called Shannen and will go crazy for her for the rest of his life. Will get drunk at parties and do stupid things like let people put fags out on his chest but the next day he will tur around and be like "Dude that was so worth it" the cringe in the pain. Likes to be the centre of attention and will wear a mankini at at guy called Jack Ashleys party to get it. He wants to go down in history as being a machine and will work to get it.
Example one:
Paul: "Dude wtf is up with your chest?"
Beesley: "Some guy put fags out on me..."
Paul: "worth it?"
Beesey: "HELL YEAH!"

Example two:
Sam: " So whos this girl you keep going on about?"
Beesley: "Shannen and im fucking crazy about her"
by Puppiie May 23, 2010

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