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Far from derogatory, a cunt is flexible, strong, life-giving, and an object of desire.
The word cunt is not offensive. What is offensive is the thought that anyone decided that a word that refers to the most wonderful part of a woman's body could be used as an insult.
by PupNTaco June 10, 2005
Small drive through Hot-dog and Taco stand chain in and around Los Angeles and Orange County, CA. Locations sold to Wienershcnitzel and Tommy Burger in the mid-1980's. Pup'N'Taco was dirt cheap, and a great place for zitty faced punk rockers to have thier first job. Served the infamous Taco Dog, which was a hot dog bun filled with taco meat and topped with cheese. Ref. see also "Naugles". Only people of a certain age remember the Pup'N'Taco. If YOU remember the PNT - you are way more OC than Mischa Barton could ever hope to be.
Pup and Taco
Pup or Taco
Twenty-Nine Cents
Drive Through
by PupNTaco June 10, 2005
Originally: Cigarettes, esp. menthol, laced with PCP.
I find it funny that the same drug slang from 30 years ago describes a different drug. We used to buy coolies behind Hanshaw Liquor and smoke them on the steps to the protable classroom where our 5th period math class was held.
by PupNTaco June 22, 2005
Latin for "mouth". Used to describe the small opening of a woman's cervix, either on the vaginal side of the cervix, or on the uterine side.

Pronounced: "Oz" or "Oss"
"The cervical canal has a constricted opening or os at each end. The internal os communicates with the cavity of the uterus; the external os, with the vagina."
Knowledge is power.
by PupNTaco June 10, 2005

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