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Unskilled Polish Labour named after the gormless creatures feautured in star wars
"Phone the agency we need more dewbacks"
by Punnaniman April 17, 2008
The method of travel used by fantasists out to impress people
"I was in Egypt last week, and America last tuesdy, not to mention spain the day before that, i flew by bullshit airways"
by Punnaniman April 18, 2008
The musical style which usually accompanies the spiking of ones drink
"I dont want to go to ibiza on holiday guys, the prices are too expensive and theres that date rave music blasting in your ear all the time"
by Punnaniman April 18, 2008
Cheap Fenale Polish labour named after the dosile creautures in star wars
"Theres plenty jobs for gewbacks in Britain Mr Brown, for example a jizz mopper or a prostitute"
by Punnaniman April 17, 2008

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