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3 definitions by Punkaboo

the act of giving a handjob or imitating a hand job that appears in a twisting repetion of motions.
That resembles the act of grinding pepper, fresh from a pepper grinder.
Dude, I walked into Mike's house, and his dad was sitting on the couch grinding pepper.
by Punkaboo May 13, 2010
The smell of something that reminds you of something else or a past experience.
Dude, I shared pancakes with my ex-girlfriend right after we had sex, so now anytime I get that association smell, I get an erection.
by punkaboo January 23, 2012
When you find a girl a girl, grab her boob, and when she goes to slap you, you high five her.
Dude, Shane gave that girl a Batchelor High-Five last night and now they are dating!
by Punkaboo October 16, 2011