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A word used to describe someone's hair. Often shortened to 'do.
1. Did you see her hairdo last night?
2. Nice 'do, man!
by PunkPrincess December 09, 2004
To desribe something being really weird. Often comes before the thing you are describing.
1. There are some weird-ass guys out there.
2. That's one weird-ass hairdo
by PunkPrincess December 09, 2004
1. derived from the persian base SHEHER=city BANO= woman, in ancient persia this name was given to princesses as to make a distinction between them and the common women of that time. People with this name tend to be natural leaders, self-sufficient, and ambitious. They generally want to make their own decisions in life and are not afraid to take charge or manage a situation. It is important for them to avoid extremes of bossiness or shyness. They tend to be too impulsive. Professionally, they can be successful in political leadership, celebrity status, or as a small business owner.

2. a girl who is pure of heart and soul very ambitious and has extremely pretty eyes. a princess in the true sense with a heart of gold. the things that people of this trait possess are expansive , universal , ambitious , heady , benevolent , loud , worldly , provident , lucky , passion , serious , volatile , strong , real , ascetic , unpredictable.
1. is this the new sheher bano of iran?

damn!! she sure looks like a sheher bano to me
the sheher bano is beautiful

2. the sheher bano is a blessing to this country
by punkprincess June 18, 2013
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