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2 definitions by Punekar

Silliness, blunder, commit a faux pas; to goof up; derived from the Hindi noun chut for vagina. Unlike English, derivates of pussy have nothing to do with manliness/macho behaviour or lack thereof. Hindi associates the pussy with moronic behaviour, ergo this word can be considered mildly misogynic.
Usage: Bas! Bandh kar yeh chutiapa.
Translation: Enough! Stop this nonsense!

From the movie "Ab tak Chhappan", Nana Patekar to his subordinate.
Nana: Kitna chutiapa kiya hai tu aaj tak?
Imtiaz: Kya chutiapa kiya hoon, sir?
Nana: Jis maloom nahi hai na, usko jaake bol.

Nana: Don't you realize how many times you have blundered until today?
Imtiaz: What blunders, sir?
Nana: Reserve your pretences for people who don't know, ok!
by Punekar August 06, 2007
Rubbish; needless / moronic; blunder;
Variation of chutiapa chutiyapa; portmanteau of the Hindi slang chutiya and the English adjective ending -tic.
Don't listen to her - nobody takes her chutiatic suggestions seriously anyway!
by Punekar August 06, 2007