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4 definitions by Punchline67

The act of speed shitting when you are pressed for time.
As we approached the gate for our flight, Earl ran off to the restroom and was punching a grumpy.
by Punchline67 April 22, 2006
18 1
Yet another term describing male masturbation.
Little Johnny has been busy all night punching the clown.
by Punchline67 April 22, 2006
23 13
The act of stealing material from one podcast to your own podcast.
That little bastard is the king of podgiarism!
by Punchline67 April 22, 2006
5 3
The fastest acting laxative on the market today. A $1.80 cup of house coffee will leave you running to the bathroom in a "wired" frenzy.
After a morning cup of Starbucks, Jimmy was off to the races in a wired frenzy searching for the nearest public restroom.
by Punchline67 April 22, 2006
27 76