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Shizzle, a cross between shit and fizzle, is used as every part of speech that "Fuck" is used as... meaning EVERYTHING! In fact, you can just add izzle to make it tizzizite... watch the mad-gic.
"Fo shizzle mah nizzle fo rizzle, mah home g-dizzle."
"Check out this shizzlin dizzle nizzle, its fo rizzle"
"Shut the shizzle up, you son of a bizzle!"
"Go to hizzle!"
by Pun Dawgy Dawg May 20, 2004
A very strange way of saying "Babylon"... invented by my dad....
lets watch Ishkabibble Fiv (Lets watch Babylon 5)
by Pun Dawgy Dawg May 22, 2004
A "social group" based around the infamous "Punboy". Basically, randomly switching between khaki slacks and shirts, and jeans and tshirts, and shorts and both shirts and tshirts, and randomly wearing a leather jacket, and listening to rock, punk rock, and heavy metal only. If you match that, yer a punster. Congratulations.

This is not applicable
As this is a definition of a social group.
by Pun Dawgy Dawg May 22, 2004
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