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Someone who makes bullshit stories up to try to impress people or make themselves feel better.
Guy 1: I got laid last night but a hottie.

Guy 2: HAHA Ya right, no girl would touch you ugly. Stop telling big dick stories
by Pumper December 30, 2003
A prase that many online gamers say when they are raged and want revenge for getting owned.

see raged
see rage
see pwn
Player 1: AHA I just owned you again!
Player 2: shuddap, I'll r0x0r your b0x0r this time
by Pumper December 25, 2003
1. To kick to ass usu. involving playing a game with fellow nerds. This phrase tends to hurt you if said to a jock or prep.
player 1: OH I PWNED J00!!
Player 2: oh this time i'll RockZ0r your Box0rs
by Pumper December 25, 2003
The love is up your bum
Here's some love asshole
by Pumper November 09, 2004
A gram... usally involving an amount of weed you have.
"Dude a need a gino right away"

-Dude a need a gram of weed right away-
by Pumper December 25, 2003

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