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A major bitch; a really mean ass woman; A female who has no regards for others' feelings.
Ya know that, Jeanie is a real Cuntmobile!
by PugLuv~* March 26, 2003
A dickhead; a mean & rude man; real loser-y type of guy.
George Bush is a major Penis Wagon!
by PugLuv~* March 26, 2003
A whore; a mutton; a slutbag; female(?) who dyes her hair blonde over & over until the ends are white & the roots are orange.
Doris is a whoris; Dor is a whore; See that skanky blonde bitch with the delinquent bastard son? I'm gonna kick her sloppy, crack infested ass!!
by PugLuv~* March 26, 2003

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