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When a group of two or more excited dogs race down a path/stairway/hallway/whatever.

Pronounced Dog-a-lanche
When the dogs get really excited, and want in, it is always dramatic when we open the door, as that always triggers a dogalanche.
by Puffie40 October 08, 2005
Slang for Briggs and Stratton, probably referring to how cheap and common they are.
"Hey man! That's a nice lawn mower!"

"Yeah! It's got a 20 inch deck, and is powered by a five-horse bugs 'n scrap iron!"
by Puffie40 October 13, 2005
A bulldozer refers to a viehicle that has a blade used to push items around, usually dirt and snow. Often used in forestrey, construction, road building, and quarries. This viehicle usually has crawler tracks.

Also, bulldozer refers to ramming your way past a obsticle, such as trees or people.
"Use the Bulldozer to move that pile of dirt."

"I had to bulldoze my way through the crowd!"
by Puffie40 November 17, 2004
Bionicle is prehaps one of the first story-based toys made by Lego (For kids with little or no imagination)

Based on Lego's TECHNIC line, it has, IMO Defiled Technic's name of bricks, gears and shafts altogether.

Bionicle uses parts made for the set only, making other sets that one part unorigional. To make things worse, Sets (In numbers of six) have basically the same parts, except for cosmetic parts, such as tools and shields. This make the sets a new expireince only if you buy one.

And DON'T get me started on Bionicle-Based My Own Creations (MOC's) They have the worst storyline-based and construction of ANY lego-creation.

(Though I would have to give them credit. Working with those one-set-use-only parts is impossible)
Bionicle, If it were not for the storyline, would suck. Their grandparents, the Throwbots, are better.
by Puffie40 January 25, 2005

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