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A spider party is when all your mates are going out for a night out and one mate doesn't go because hes stuck in with his bird, so therefore hes says hes got some other party arranged also known as the spider party.
Mate1: Hey man we have organised this fuckin great night out, out going?
Mate2: erm... dunno
Mate1: Yeh i just asked him and he said dunno which means he gonna give us a spider party excuse
Mate3: Thats allways the case!
Mate1: So you gonna come then?
Mate2: Sorry cannot i got this other party.
by Puddin Chops McGee April 27, 2006
Murgh is when while walking home after an unsuccessful night on the pull you see a fit girl across the road and you would like to go over pick her up one handed and ram her (Possibly with the use of tenticles).

The fit girl has either:

1. Peachy Ass
2. Short skirt
3. Short
4. All 3
Stains: You had a good night man?
Fraz: Nah man i didn't pull shit... Hey wait look at that fit gil over there!
Stains: Oh yeh, wot about her?
Fraz: I would murgh the shit outta her but for the pimple on her neck that you cannot see!
Stains: What about her short friend with the peachy ass and the short skirt?
Fraz: now thats some good shit MUUURRRGHHHHH
Stains's brain: I wish one day fraz would murgh me.
by Puddin Chops McGee April 26, 2006

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