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19 definitions by Pud

Adult men under six feet tall.
Another bitch sized lout trying to prove he is a man.
by Pud May 31, 2005
A Chicken Hauler is a Trucker that has many extra lights on his truck, works for less money than most other drivers and smells like pigshit.
Spray the Lysol! the Chicken Haule is here!
by Pud May 31, 2005
Any woman that pisses me off!
Lobster and the opera and all I get is a handshake? You Bitch!
by Pud May 31, 2005
Aussie for hurry up. Dags being the shit stuck on a sheeps arse. They rattle when they run.
Rattle your dags Sharon, Neighbours is almost on.
by Pud October 10, 2003
Slang for a bulletin board attention whore, who in addition to the normal female nudity postings (see infusion, kiwigirl et al.) also tries suicide and pregnancy trolls to gain attention
Oh crap, not another mafia112
by pud December 30, 2003
Vapid cunt.
See Kiwigirl
by pud June 05, 2003
Shitheel is a term used to describe people that drive dump trucks.
Some Shitheel cracked my windshield.
by Pud May 31, 2005