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1 of the NHL's great franchises that is making an incredible playoff run as '04 ends (despite sucking for most of the year)
The Oilers were awesome w/ Gretsky
by PuckYou March 29, 2004
a cool team, that would be contending for the '04 cup right now, but Bertuzzi had to be an asshole and lose his temper; they'll lose in the playoffs w/o him, since Naslund is banged up right now
The Canucks are cool
by PuckYou March 29, 2004
team w/ perhaps the worst ownership in pro sports, even worse than that other crappy chicago team (wait, that's all of them!); 1 playoff berth last 7 years
Blackhawk down...in the standings!
by PuckYou March 29, 2004
nothing but bankruptcy!
The Penguins have no money
by PuckYou March 29, 2004

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