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2 definitions by Public_Emery

A body type usually seen with people who participate in track and field. It is thin, toned body that may make the person appear weak but is really hiding their incredible athleticism. This can consist of muscular legs, a six pack, and well defined arms. People with this body mainly compete in distance, sprinting, and jumping events. These body types are usually underestimated by members of other sports teams.
Guy 1: I'd like to see that loser try and take on me!

Guy 2: Watch out man, he's got a crazy track body.
by Public_Emery November 19, 2009
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The sexual act of putting your hockey stick in a girl's beaver and then letting your maple syrup go all over her as you scream out "eh!"
I performed Canada's History last night, it was awesome...eh.
by Public_Emery February 05, 2010
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