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3 definitions by Public Masturbator

A standard of quality which if something goes below it, it will literally make you puke.

See Bols
Man, that movie was so bad, it was below even Bols' Standards!
by Public Masturbator October 23, 2010
A vodka brand which makes one of the worst tasting liquors you will ever find. It will make you vomit.

-See Boles' Standard
Man, that juice tasted so horrible, it was like drinking Bols!
by Public Masturbator October 21, 2010
Facial Abortion / Abortion to the face.

Can be also written as:

Cherrypietotheface/ Cherry-pie-to-the-face
Did you hear about Sara? She got cherry pie to the face.
by Public Masturbator October 29, 2010