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When you consume mass libations and begin acting like a vicious dictator, ordering people around and treating others like your subordinates.
Castro wakes up and sees that Carlos has a black eye.
"What happened to you cuz?"- Castro
"You got completely hammered and developed Fidel Alcohol Syndrome. After you tried to start a fight with the bouncer for not letting you in, I told you to calm down, then you punched me in the face!"-Carlos
"Sorry cuz, I totally blacked out!"-Castro
by Pterodactyl, Meghan January 08, 2008
1. A fat and ugly baby covered with cuts, scrapes, or open sores, with a runny nose and food remnants surrounding its mouth and covering its white onesie. Contact with it makes you feel diseased and causes you to want to immediately take a shower.

2. A baby that you pretend is cute, but in reality you know that if your child looked like that you would be embarrassed to take it out in public.
"Can you hold little Chastity for a minute?"-Hillbilly Second Cousin Fran
"She's adorable. I would love to!"-Beth
**Hillbilly Second Cousin Fran walks away and Beth looks to her sister**
"Eww, this is the most disgusting Walmart Baby I've ever seen! Is that chocolate or feces on its face? I think I need a bath!" - Beth
by Pterodactyl, Meghan April 28, 2008

Definition 1: To Christopher Columbus is to hostilely or non-hostilely acquire something by force or without permission, very much like a dictator.

Definition 2: To be a stinky, smelly bastard

Example 1: Carlos is sitting at the dinner table eating his jam-covered English Muffin.

Juan comes over, picks up the English Muffin and eats it while staring Carlos in the face

"Yo homie, you totally just Christopher Columbused my muffin!"-Carlos
"Yeah, well maybe you should have thought of that before you Christopher Columbused my girlfriend!"-Juan

Example 2: The New World was Christopher Columbused, hostilely, by Christopher Columbus
by Pterodactyl, Meghan April 10, 2008
When one is very pissed off
Uncle Oley throws his new invention off of the table in rage because it doesn't work.
"Uncle Oley, what is wrong? Do you have a Sparkly Peacock in your Pants"-Hans
Uncle Oley punches Hans in the face
by Pterodactyl, Meghan January 08, 2008
When one confuses two popular people, places, or things that are complete opposites, leading to a major foot-in-your-mouth moment.
"Jefferson Davis was heavily involved in anti-slave activities while Frederick Douglass was heading the confederacy."-Meghan
"You mean the complete and total opposite."-Daphne
"Their names sound so similar! Damn my Davis-Douglass Disorder!"-Meghan
*A few minutes later*
"Wait, which one is which again?"-Meghan
by Pterodactyl, Meghan April 28, 2008

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