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The land mass of Mexico, Central and South America, and Spain, which some believe may have existed during the Paleolithic age.
"Yo, where was your boy Carlos from?"-Freddie
"Oh I don't know, one of those countries in Mexopotamia"-Bigoted White Girl
#mexico #paleolithic #bigot #carlos #white girl
by Pterodactyl April 20, 2007
1. The spawn produced when a tool-bag and douche-bag mate.

2. Lingo being used to describe teenagers in 12-20 years.
"Sean Preston Spears-Federline is such a touche-bag!"

"Look at all of those young touche-bags sitting around on their Blackberries. What worthless people."
#toolbag #douchebag #tool #pop-music #tool bag #douche bag
by Pterodactyl April 20, 2007
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