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A Juggalo is a member of an extended family, just like the Johnsons or the Phillips, but unlike other extended families (such as the 2 examples listed) it is one that the Juggalos CHOSE to be a part of. Yes, they are fans or followers of ICP and other groups under the Psychopathic label, and yes, a number of Juggalos use drugs, but no more than rappers, metal heads, punks, or any other "hard" music followers.
As for being violent, yes many Juggalos are violent, but the traditional target of Juggalo violence are bigots. The message of the Juggalo I guess you could say is one of Unity, Acceptance, and Juggalo Love. Oh, and lets not forget doin crazy shit for the hell of it.
No, I myself am not a Juggalo, I do not deserve the title of Juggalo even though I thump to the wicked shit. I am one of those people who would give them a bad rap, but I do have mad love for the Juggalo Family.

As for all the hate and flame going on here, it is pointless:
Juggalos: You are just pushing their point in their own eyes, and wasting time on people who amount to nothing in your lives.
Juggahoes: You can’t really expect your hate towards them to accomplish anything can you? I mean, no matter what you say the Juggalos will continue thumpin and living on forever with the Carnival.
In the words of Twiztid(describing the fealings amoungst Juggalos):
Everyone of y'all means everything to me
We breathe for y'all, that's why we call it FAMILY.
by Psyco Pup June 20, 2006
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