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Noun - pretending to have sex with dead underage trees. Basically an imaginary form of dendronecropaedophilia, which is a form of necrophilia for those sexually obsessed with young trees...
Cannibalism is no longer a significant problem in the navy. We must now move to stamp out pseudodendronecropaedophilia...
#tree #paedophile #dendrophile #necrophile #paedophilia #dendrophilia #necrophilia
by Psycholist July 17, 2008
Abbreviation: Drop The Hand. Usually shouted in encouragement at ones friends when they're trying to pick up someone at a night club. For further obfuscation 'Delta Tango Hotel' can be used. It is critically important to avoid injury that only one member of the couple involved understands the abbreviation.
Saying it unabbreviated and loudly while watching a chick flick in the cinema during emotionally charged platonic hugs, where the music swells and the female members of the cinema audience are getting teary is highly inappropriate and therefore hilarious.
I'd DTH on that...
#drop #hand #grope #feel #code
by Psycholist July 17, 2008
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