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An extremely bad beating.
When I catch that SOB that fucked my wife Ima give him an alabama ass whippin'!
by Psycho Miko June 08, 2006
Being under the influence of heroin.
Dude came to work H bombed again so they fired him.
by Psycho Miko June 09, 2006
Being well off financially.
Since I hit the lotto we've been shittin' in high cotton.
by Psycho Miko June 09, 2006
n. generic insult meaning any stupid individual. It has it origins in Mike Judge's siminal cartoon "Beavis and Butthead". See also "Fart Knocker", "Ass Munch", and "Dillweed/ Dill Hole".
Shut up, fart goblin.
by Psycho Miko April 25, 2006
A particualarly large and obnoxiuos moustache, ala Harry Reems, John Holmes, or John Oates.
Dude, 1976 is over, shave that poofstache.
by Psycho Miko June 09, 2006
Low grade marijuana purchased from a black man. Used mainly in Atlanta.
I scored us some rufus,. Its all I could get.
by Psycho Miko June 09, 2006
Crude reference to the anus, usually indicating its readiness for intercourse.
"After I got done rubbing down brittany I took a feel down stairs and saw that the pound cake was ready."
by Psycho Miko May 03, 2006
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