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1) People who cause war for personal gain or entertainment.
2) A Badass Black Sabbath Song.
by Psycho Bob September 07, 2003
1)Someone who believes they are being hunted, esp. by everyone.
2)A Black Sabbath album that kicks major ass.
3)A song on said Black Sabbath ablum that kicks major ass.
1)You're always paranoid when you're on acid.
2)I'm gonna listen to 'Paranoid'.
3)You always headbang during 'Paranoid' when you're on pot.
by Psycho Bob September 07, 2003
80's hair metal in which the lyrics consist of sexual euphamisms and content.
Def Leppard (Pour Some Sugar On Me)
Motley Crue (Girls Girls Girls)
Van Halen (Panama)
by Psycho Bob March 26, 2003
When a person falls with a long object directly under him, and said long object impacts person in the crotch, causing extreme pain. Typically occurs to skateboarders.
Man, Bob crotched himself on that rail pretty bad.
by Psycho Bob March 03, 2003
Hitting someone else with the trucks (axles for non-skaters) of the skateboard, which are located on the underside of a skateboard.

This occurs when the whole board is being used as a weapon.
I trucked that asshole with my board.
by Psycho Bob March 03, 2003
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