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1. Catwoman is a character from the DC comics universe, specifically affiliated with Batman, her on again off again love interest. The character has been portrayed throughout the years by notable actresses, most recently Halle Berry in the recent adaption of Catwoman cinema, but i maintain, as many agree to, Julie Newmar was the best Catwoman ever. She was a stone fox back when she portrayed the character on that old Batman show with the -zip- *BANG* +NEWT+ punch effects...from her cute innocent smile to her curvaceous body..and that smooth round.......ANYWAY...!
Although variations have been made to the character's appearance as time passed, she basically maintains the same general characteristics, including catlike agility, very high sex appeal, thievery, and a fetish for dressing like the host of a BDSM party every day, right down to the whip. Her costume is usually seen as a tight bodysuit with some kind of head cover, in the Julie Newmar days she simply wore little cat ears, while she was in later years depicted having a hood or mask of some kind. Oh yeah and she is a crazy good fighter with some lethal kicks which can incapacitate their victim, depending where they get hit. On that note, Catwoman seems to have proven herself untrustworthy, using baiting techniques (see example) to get her enemy to lower their defences so she can strike.
All in all, Catwoman is a pretty fuckin' cool character.

2. The nickname Catwoman can also apply to a girl who is catlike and highly sensual, although somewhat bitchy and underhanded, or a even a tease who uses her own sex appeal to bend men to do her will.
1. In reference to her dirty fighting, in the film Batman Returns, Catwoman (portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer sp?) attacks Batman on a rooftop. She lays in several good kicks until he has enough and decks her. She looks up at him like she was genuinely hurt and says "How could you?? I'm a woman!" As Batman tries to apologize, Catwoman surprises him by kicking him in the groin!
In Batman, the Animated series, Catwoman frequently gets Batman close to her and then strikes him with surprise kicks and scratches.
Julie Newmar was the sexiest Catwoman.

2. 2 guys talking...
-Did you get any play from Selena?
-Man, she got me really wound up by purring like a cat while rubbing her body while i watched...then she asked me for 40 dollars...I only had 20 on me, but she used her verbal sex kitty witchcraft on me and next thing i knew i was walking back from the bank with balls as blue as the Tick!
-Damn, she's a real Catwoman.
by Psycho Billy May 01, 2007
A fan of rockabilly music.
The Welsh Psychobilly group Demented are Go! used the word to form their name, as it is a modification of "Demon Teds are Go!", because psychobilly music is strongly connected to horror themes, Demon Teds seemed to be a logical name for Psychobilly afficionados.
Demon Teds are Go = Demented are Go!
If you are a rockabilly fan, you are a ted.
by Psycho Billy May 02, 2007

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