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10 definitions by Psychic Jack

A variation of the word m33p, or meep.

Can mean anything. Is usually a random outburst of happiness or randomness.
"Hey. What's up?"
Heh. Meepo, indeed!"
by Psychic Jack September 08, 2003
2 5
Sluggy is the best webcomic I have ever read.
by Psychic Jack September 14, 2003
30 51
An "I dunno" type of attitude. The type of attitude where someone could set up an elaborate mechine, and have it blow up, whithout anything more than "oops."

Derrived from Riff, of the webcomic Sluggy Freelance
He just blew up an entire hC biulding, and shrugged it off with, "Oops." That is SO Riff.
by Psychic Jack September 09, 2003
5 27