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The source of the vast majority of passionately held opinions.
I hate Muslims because they are all terrorists, Republicans because they are all religious warmongering rich men bent on world domination, and anyone with a brain agrees with me on most matters of any consequence (a verbal demonstration of ignorance).
#closed minded #self-centered #opinionated #intolerant #persecution #conflict #war #hate
by Psych77 June 26, 2011
Used to designate a person either going to extreme (and usually obnoxious) measures to obtain benzodiazepine drugs, or under such heavy influence of said drugs that he/she is showing senseless or clownlike stupor.
1.) Hey, can you shut up Benzo the Clown over there? She's been demanding valium for over an hour, and threatening to sue the hospital if we don't give it to her.

2.) Look at Benzo the clown over there - so tranq'ed he doesn't even know his own name!
#benzodiazepines #valium #ativan #klonopin #xanax
by Psych77 June 22, 2011
The correct clinical diagnosis for the condition of being a dickhead. An Axis VI diagnosis.
That guy just walked into the hospital, demanded that he be admitted for Cholera, then when it was determined he did not have it, he threatened to sue all the staff. He doesn't have a diagnosable mental disorder, but boy, does he suffer from phallocephaly!
#axis vi #dick head #jerk #nice guy #belligerence
by Psych77 June 09, 2011
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