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The act of defecating, smoking (preferably weed), drinking a beer, and jacking off, all in one bathroom break. Even better when done at work, on the clock.
Bill: "Dude, you were gone for like 7 and a half minutes, what gives?"

Ted: "Dude chill, I was shitting for the cycle, and still getting paid $6.50 per hour!!!"

Bill: "How do you feel"

Ted: "Super awesome dude!!!!
by Pskawt81 January 23, 2011
A "Murky Sauna" is a drop shot. First warm 4 oz. of Guinness in either a pan or microwave. It shouldn't be boiled, just warmed. Then drop an half ounce of Bailey, and an ounce of vodka. For added murk use Pernod instead of Baileys.
Chad "Last night I got wasted on Murky sauna's, and when I puked it smelled like a fu*king gutter in Dublin"

Rupert "That sounds awesome......wait a murky what?"

Chad "You don't know what a murky sauna is.......really?!?

Rupert "i suck"
by Pskawt81 March 07, 2011
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