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A unique Bangla name from Bangladesh. Female, generally. Pronounced "Ooh-mar-ah." Not "You-mar-uh".

Also? For a vague persona type, Umarahs are usually friendly, chatty people but who can bitch as much as they want to without thinking of consequences. Seeing as they are Bangla, Umarahs generally make good friends with both guys and gals but are not sluts.
A: Knock-knock
B: Who's there?
A: Umarah!
B: Umarah who?
A: Exactly! You don't know any Umarahs - you're white!


A: So I was talking with Umarah yesterday, and she said that Lauren is soo secretly going out with Nick.
B: I know, right? But she and Jack never shut up. Seriously.
by Pseudosyne November 23, 2010

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