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When someone is torn aboutt a decision they have to make. Origin lies in the Natalie Imbruglia song, "Torn."
I'm so Natalie Imbrugliaed on whether I should order the fish or the chicken.
by Pseudo P November 01, 2009
A sandwich that can only be called such when created on Thanksgiving Day consisting of every ingredient available during one's Thanksgiving meal.

The bread must be a dinner roll from the meal as well.

If the sandwich or any similar food creation is created not on Thanksgiving Day or not following any of the specifications previously mentioned it is simply a Thanksgiving Sandwich, and NOT a Yum Yum Boat.
I can't wait to make a Yum Yum Boat on Thanksgiving.

Person 1: Dude, I'm making a Yum Yum Boat
Person 2: It's the day after Thanksgiving, that's not a Yum Yum Boat, that's a Thanksgiving Sandwich!
Person 1: Damn!
by Pseudo P January 23, 2010
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