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One of the greatest holidays of all time. Children don disguises and travel to the houses of strangers to receive sugary goods by reciting the ancient enchantment "Trick or treat." Also an excellent night for teenage mishief.
Halloween is a night of free candy. How can you go wrong?
by Psas October 30, 2009
When you get dumped by a fat chick, or a chick who is just a cow in general.
"Dude, E just got dumped by his gf."

"Who was his gf?"

"Her" *points to chick across the room*

"Dude, he got cow tipped."
by Psas May 21, 2009
When you begin to fail a class or classes because you are too preoccupied nailing your girlfriend. Most would consider this a good trade.
Petus: "hey, did you hear that (insert name here) is failing spanish?"

Tony: "It's because he's too busy with his gf. This is all a very standard Fail-Nail trade off."
by Psas May 05, 2009
Octopubes occur when you attempt to wash your pubes in the shower by getting them soapy and pulling them out to the sides. This causes them to combine into thick strands resembling octopus tentacles.
"When I was in the shower today, I went to wash my pubes and by the time I finished I had wicked Octopubes"
by Psas May 24, 2009
A combination of the colors orange and purple. Usually only seen when high on shrooms.
"Dude these shrooms rock...that ducks ass is purplorange."
by Psas May 20, 2009
When two people go for a high five while in the air, whether they are jumping (the most common), or skydiving.
(Pete+jump)+(Anthony+jump)=Sky five!
by Psas June 02, 2009
A mall full of stores that only men care about, for example the bass pro shop or the golfers warehouse.
The patriot place next to gillette stadium is a total man mall.
by psas August 03, 2009
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