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A country that gave the world the following things:

Generator of electricity- Michael Faraday.
Electrical transformer- Michael Faraday.
Electric motor- Michael Faraday.
Jet engine- Sir Frank Whittle.
Internal combustion engine- Samuel Brown.
World Wide Web- Tim Berners-Lee.
Computer- Charles Babbage.
First self-powered aeroplane (I think)- John Stringfellow.
Flush toilet- Thomas Crapper.
Digital audio player (MP3 player)- Kane Kramer.
Tank- English military.
Lawn mower- Edwin Beard Budding.
Great Western Railway- Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
The locomotive- Richard Trevithick
Vaccination- Edward Jenner.
Antiseptic surgery- Joseph Lister.
Incandescent light bulb- Joseph Wilson Swann.
Steam engine- Thomas Savery, Thomas Newcomen and James Watt (except that James Watt was Scottish, not English).
Clockwork radio- Trevor Bayliss.
Daylight saving time- William Willet.
Fire extinguisher- Ambrose Godfrey.
D.N.A. fingerprinting- Sir Alec Jeffreys.
The defeat of the Germans in WWII- Winston Churchill.
Electric battery- John Frederick Daniell.
Electromagnet- William Sturgeon.
Hovercraft- Christopher Cockerell.
Maglev rail system- Eric Laithwaite.
Computer tornography (CT scanner)- Godfrey Newbold Hounsfield.
First programmer- Ada Lovelace.
Typewriter- Henry Mill.
Modern steam turbine- Sir Charles A. Parsons.
Shakespeare's plays- William Shakespeare
Newton's laws of motion- Sir Isaac Newton.
Gas turbine- John Barber.
Modern atomic theory- John Dalton.
Chromatography- Richard Lawrence Millington Synge.
Seismograph- John Milne.
Splitting the atom - John Cockcroft and Irish physicist Ernest Walton.
Aeronautics and flight- George Cayley.
Discovery of the proton- Ernest Rutherford
Discovery of the electron- J. J. Thomson
Discovery of the neutron- James Chadwick.
Lifeboat- Lionel Lukin.
Following sports originated from England: Modern football, rugby, cricket, tennis, badminton and rounders.
The police force- Robert Peel.
Carbonated soft drink- Joseph Priestley.
Friction match- John Walker.
Spinning Jenny- James Hargreaves.
Collodion process- Frederick Scott Archer.
Stereoscope- Charles Wheatstone.
Linear motor- Charles Wheatstone and Eric Laithwaite.
Cavity magnetron- Harry Boot.
Cinematography- William Friese-Greene.
Thermosiphon (forms the basis for modern central heating systems)- Thomas Fowler.
Parkesine, the first man-made plastic- Alexander Parkes.

Other British achievements:
Abolished slavery- (William Wilberforce)
Women's Rights to vote- Emmeline Pankhurst.
Foundation of the U.S.A.
The English language.
The Industrial Revolution (a major turning point in history that shaped the modern world).
The largest empire ever. (Check Wikipedia if you don't believe me).
Church of England.
English law (forms the basis for legal systems used in Commonwealth nations and the U.S.A.).
Apple pie (also invented in England).
Me: I'm proud to be English.
Non-English person: What? What do have to be proud of, being English?
Me: Well... (names all the things listed above).
Non-English person: .....ah.

Non-English person: English people are faggots! England's done nothing good for the world! Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Me: Just do some research.
by ProudEnglishman February 20, 2009
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