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An annoying version of "Stop it" used by little school childeren.
School Child One: "Haha, I'm going to throw this brick in your face!" The child does so.

School Child Two: "Stoppa!!"
by ProudAmerican April 28, 2004
people willing to be lead places
not americans,we just dont always have the choice. anybody who lives under communist rule better describes it
by proudamerican January 15, 2005
The birthdate of Jesus christ, our savior. We celebrate by giving presents to friends and loved ones. Good will and love is spread by all, and by the way, I am 100% american! Bite me croat. and.... croatians suck ass.
Jesus christ was born in a manger to the virgin mary.
by proudamerican January 15, 2005
A very far left magazine that dared to publish the location of Dick Cheney's bunker, and now are probably going to sued and/or jailed.
I hope those ass holes go to jail.
by ProudAmerican June 15, 2004
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