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Philadelphia is the most diverse and authentic city in America. Everyone in every neighborhood takes pride in where they come from (including generations before them) and makes it known to outsiders that they will never be one of us.

Anyone that does not like Philadelphia or its residents is simply jealous. Jealous of our uniqueness. Jealous of our passion for sports, no matter what the score is they still represent our blue-collar heritage. Jealous of our extremeness. Jealous of our overwhelming personalities. Jealous of the way we pour our hearts into everything we do. Jealous of our food. And most importantly, jealous of our pride.

We don’t care what others think. We don’t try to be like any other city. We simply are who we are. The Vet was not an arena that held sporting events, it was our family. It holds memories for every resident. The Philadelphia flair is something that is imbedded is us since birth. We can speak to other Philadelphians in our slang and feel an unwritten camaraderie that cannot be shared by others. Our life is our city and it is something that no one understands unless you are truly from here.

For those that are not fans: Please continue to tell us how much you don’t like us or our city because it only gives us more fuel to tell you why we are and always will be better than you.
Philadelphia - The City of Brotherly Love.

Philadelphia - The Birthplace of America.
by Proud Philadelphian September 29, 2005

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