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1 definition by Proud American Liberal!

A person who espouses the idea of "less government". However, they tend to espouse the idea of "less government" more when it comes to spending money for social programs. They have no qualms about looking over people's shoulders, spying on or jailing people for suspected "un-American activities" at a base that is not even on American soil. Among their interference in our lives: spying on cell phone calls without permission of Congress, saying, "I'm the president. Why do I need anyone's permission?", or using brute military force to enforce their vision of that things should be like on the outside world. They believe in torture in the name of national security. As far as financial responsibility, they believe in shrinking down every part of the government but giving the Department of Defense what is essentially a blank check, and run up horrific deficits fighting senseless, endless wars. Strength is good, but waste is not. They are often religious, but they seem to have Jesus Christ confused with Ronald Reagan. Their philosophies are often subtly or blatantly racist and xenophobic, and they have been known to advocate disenfranchisement of women and minorities (see: ann coulter because these groups overwhelmingly vote liberal and are growing much faster than the aging white male voter base they rely on. Their failed policies were rejected in the 2008 election, by the "true" patriots of our great country.
Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter are examples of the consummate conservative gone mad: God, church, family, country, torture, domestic spying, and killing the ragheads.
by Proud American Liberal! February 15, 2009