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a place on the internet where people talk about rap and hip hop, discuss other things, get hacked, hated, dl music....the smart people on the site talk about how dipset have the greatest and smartest lyrics ever....also the site gets very fun wen the occasioanl gay odd couple join up and try to take over the fourm then break up and get banned.. mods gettin demodde for abusive power.......users upload a shit load of movie news that only gets a couple views in the movie fourm cause nobody goes there.....also sometimes you might get lucky nd have a rebel on other fourms such as *there*, the whiterevoultion.com, and ign.com......

ps...dipset have crappy lyrics
Fat guys and GZa fans fall in love on boxden.

Boxden > *there*

go to the movie fourm on boxden
by Propel Water April 23, 2005

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