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'''Frangelica''' ''adjective'', '''frang, frang-ed, frang-est, frang-er'''

1. Anything that is extremely cool, exciting, fun and unique
2. To embody something that is great and wonderful
3. To embrace a new appreciation for lives little treasures


1. Frang-y; ''that was frangy that she wore that sequin dress in Barcelona''


Frangelica is said to have origins in Florence, Italy from a great philosopher, scholar, and master of exercise Dr. Krumme. Its popularity is beginning to flourish in the Tuscan region of Italy, and scholars believe it will soon make a presence in the United States, particularly the states of Minnesota, New York, Missouri, and Massachusetts.

Linguists will be tracking the spread and emergence of this new adjective
That outfit is frangelica!

I hope you have a frang day!

Barcelona was a frang weekend.

Paige is franged out everyday.
by Pronto Chic January 04, 2012

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