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When an individual has oral sex performed upon them while they smoke a marijuana cigarette.
Usually refers to males, but it can also refer to females on the receiving end of the oral sex.
-We were getting really high, and then all of a sudden, she starts blowing me!
-Woah shit, you got a Herbie Hancock?! You lucky bastard!
by ProgRockDrummer July 26, 2011
A descriptor that describes a person, thing, or experience that is mediocre at best.

Quaid-plus and quaid-minus can also be used, though it is frowned upon. They act like letter grades, meaning the described is slightly above or below mediocre.

The term is derived from the actor, Dennis Quaid.
-Hey dude, how was the movie?
-Eh, it was pretty quaid.
-Damn, I'm sorry...
by ProgRockDrummer August 08, 2011

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