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When a man goes to his girlfriend's place of residence, traditionally flowers are brought. Vice versa, when women visit men at home, man flowers are what men love to recieve. Man flowers are a 6-pack of beer, or some form of alcohol
"Hey hun i brought you some man flowers!"
"What kind? Forget-me-shots?"
"No! I brought Mangaleias!"

by Profius March 29, 2008
A negative nickname for the name Jay. A combination of Jay and anus.
Jeez here comes Jaynus, i hope he doesn't see m....oh hey Jay
by Profius August 15, 2006
when a person named Jay has sex, it's a special operation called a "jaynal probe"
Oh man, i heard you got some Jaynal probage last night! :p

Dude, did u jaynal probe her?
by Profius August 15, 2006
Acronym Be Right Back - Fridge Attack. A specific leaving of the computer, to go afk to find some food
Dude i'm hungry. brbfa
by Profius April 01, 2007
Homojaypien - a play on the word homosapien, and the name jay. Can be used either to describe jay normally, or to imply that jay is in fact homosexual or lame.
Dude don't be a homojaypien. Come out and party with us

Hey have you seen the homojaypien today? i heard he got some jaynal probage!
by Profius March 28, 2008

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