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Throughout the frigid winters of a time when Jim Crow laws were still in action, black people were not invited into warm restaurants, houses, hotels, and public buildings. They suffered a horrible life of cold, sickness, and boredom UNTIL ONE DAY they devised a way to eliminate these three problems that plagued their dark skinned lives.

These AfroAmericans soon realized jittering around near each other as if in a state of epileptic seizure solved all three of these issues. It not only provided warmth through rapid movement and shared body heat within a tight communal circle, but most importantly would attract the attention of moral, medical personnel to take them into the nearest hospital emergency rooms and allow them free healthcare. Soon enough, the young found great entertainment in painting their faces and escalating the game to receive free psychiatric evaluation.

This was before black people discovered fire.
Black guy sees an ambulance.
Black guy: Fuck it's cold! I DUN WANNA DIE!
*Starts krumping*
by Professor of AfroAmerica July 13, 2009

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